A Walk in the Park

There is a part of me that always gets excited when I have a client specifically request a photo session in a park, especially in the fall. On one hand it’s a challenge to find soft even light but on the other hand … TREES! I love trees! There is just something about a tree that calls to me to take a picture.

I was blessed with the opportunity to capture beautiful memories for the Whitford family last weekend near Holland Lake Park.  It was the perfect day for a walk in the park.  There was finally a break in the brutal Texas heat. A gentle breeze was paired with the beautiful sound of fall leaves rustling across the ground.

This day was a reminder to me how much I LOVE my job and why.

It is challenging work running around, squatting and leaning to find the right angle, occasionally hanging out in bushes while always being aware of which direction the sun is coming from and making sure my camera settings are set for the perfect exposure. My job is so much more than just pointing and shooting, and I love it. I love it because I am privileged to watch beautiful families like the Whitfords play and laugh together. I get to witness and capture the love they share. I get to hear the laughter of the itty bitties running through the trees. I get to see the joy on grandparents faces as they watch their grandchildren experience the freedom of a slide.

I have known this adorable family for years. I watched Ty and Nikki exchange vows on their wedding day and a few years later become parents to the sweetest little blue eyed boy followed by his cutie pie little sister.

It has been a joy to watch their story unfold, which is why being their photographer is a walk in the park.


October 26, 2017

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