Dream Come True … Senior Session at Chandor Gardens

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I spent the first 8 years of adulthood letting myself believe I didn’t have what it took to make a career out of my passion for photography. Now, when I look back on those years, I think, why did it take me so long to simply believe in myself? Ever since I made the decision to put my fears aside, and dive into the world of professional photography, I finally feel like this is what God created me to do. This wonderful feeling of fulfillment and purpose was no more apparent to me than it was this past Saturday, where I spent the afternoon photographing this stunning young woman in the enchanting Chandor Gardens of Weatherford.

One of my favorite parts of the job is the opportunity to meet new people. The introvert in me says it’s because I get to meet new people in my own element and just a few at a time. Crowds have always intimidated me and getting to meet people one on one is much more my cup of tea.

I had the pleasure of making Linda’s acquaintance last month as well as her lovely daughter, Aimee, who is approaching the end of her high school career. The world is at her fingertips and I was so honored they asked me to commemorate this occasion with a photo shoot. After a short consult it was clear to me they wanted something special, therefore, we decided the setting of Aimee’s senior photo session just had to be the Chandor Gardens. And I automatically love any client who elects to spend a little extra to have their session at the gardens. From my point of view, as the photographer, it takes the session from good to sensational!

And Aimee’s session was sensational!

The weather behaved for us, the light was soft and dreamy, and to top it all off, my camera just absolutely loved Aimee! It was as if she had been modeling for the camera her whole life. There were times I swore she could read my mind. Before I could say move this way or that, she would do it all on her own.

Once in a while a client will come along that rocks a session so hard and we have so much fun, that I forget I am working. Aimee rocked everything from her attitude and charm to her wardrobe and awesome mermaid hair that I am sooo jealous of. A client like her makes me look so good.

I’ve heard other photographers use the term “dream clients” before but at this stage of my career I considered any paying client a dream client. Aimee has now set the bar for how I define the term “dream client.” Fun, easy-going, confident, energetic, sweet, and most importantly, has faith in me as a professional photographer.

A client like Aimee makes my job a dream come true!


November 17, 2017

  1. Linda Butterworth says:

    Thank you Erin! It was so much fun! The pictures are beautiful and we love them. You made her so comfortable and the session was so much fun! You are a pleasure to work with.

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