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Nothing is more exciting, rewarding and terrifying to me as a newborn session. Most photo sessions I follow the same flow. Pick a beautiful spot outside, walk around, have fun, strike a pose … etc. But you can’t tell a newborn how to pose and taking them to a field outside isn’t ideal either. Newborn photography is in a realm all its own and other than the fact I have a camera in my hand, its pretty much a different career altogether. It is time consuming, hard work and much more complicated with many more variables … but oh so worth it! I adore this area of photography and how could I not with sweet babies like Princess Kinslee to capture and cuddle.

Newborns are only that for a very short period of time and being asked to capture them during this special time is such an honor.

This session was extra special to me. Baby Kinslee is an answer to a prayer her momma has been praying for a long time, a momma I am blessed to call my best friend.  This little blessing is so fortunate to have not one … not two … but THREE loving big brothers to look out for her. Not to mention having daddy wrapped around her tiny finger from minute one. Born the Monday before Thanksgiving, this little beauty has given her family a whole lot to be thankful for.

Kinslee’s debut photo session was so much fun! I love using my studio for something more than just a quiet place to edit. At exactly a week old, she was the perfect little model and hearing her little baby coos made my heart swell. And there is just something about a baby yawn that makes me swoon, they are the definition of adorable.

Kinslee began her session in an outfit that was made just for her, complete with matching tutu and bow that sparkled as much as she did. She graciously allowed me to take as many photos as I wanted without a fuss whatsoever. There was a brief moment when she heard the clickety-click of my shutter and looked at me like “excuse me, I’m trying to nap here.” But she didn’t cry, not once. She was so spectacular, and the camera loved her, just like it loved her mommy during her maternity session.

Chery, has been one of the biggest supporters in my photography career from the very beginning and I often feel like I would not have made it this far without her unfailing encouragement and support. Being in the position to take photos of her brand “sparkling” new daughter has been a joy I simply cannot put into words.

I hope to have the privilege to capture her as she grows up. I already know this tiny beauty will grow into the same kindhearted, shining light that her mom is to me.


December 6, 2017

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