Welcome 2020

I am so excited January 2020 is finally here!

Something few know about me is that New Year’s is one of my favorite holidays. The feeling of starting a brand new year fresh makes me feel like anything is possible. A new year is liberating, all mistakes are left in the previous year with nothing but hope laying ahead.

When I began 2019 all I could think about was the upcoming birth of my second son. As most expectant mother’s know, it’s hard to think past D-day. I had optimistically planned to be back in the studio two months after my son’s arrival. Have you ever heard the saying God laughs at those who make plans? Little did I know the handful my baby would be. My first was an angel compared to number two.

Thankfully I am extremely blessed to be so well provided for by my wonderful husband that I was able to take the extra time off I needed to adjust to life as a family of four.

Now that we have finally adjusted to our new normal, I am itching to rediscover my passion for capturing pieces of other peoples stories. I have big dreams for 2020 and I can’t wait to see what the new years holds for EKP!

I hope everyone achieves their goals this year and has a great beginning to what will become a prosperous decade!

Happy New Year everyone!


January 4, 2020

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