Is it weird that I love the smell of dirt?

I love flowers, plants and trees. I’ve always loved foliage. Truth be told if I could find a way to make money taking photographs of landscapes, I’d be happier than my kids with candy. (That is very happy indeed by the way.) But landscape photographers are required to travel and the current phase of my life requires me to be home for dinner. Mainly because I am the one who cooks the dinner.

Despite how much I love plants, I have never possessed a green thumb. I have even killed succulents. Nevertheless, I have always wanted a beautiful garden, no matter how many plants I have to kill to achieve it.

One positive thing that came from the great Texas freeze of February 2021 was most of the plants that we inherited when we bought our house bit the dust and we were able to justify ripping out those boring overgrown bushes and start from scratch planting only things which brought us happiness.

I have been doing research on pretty plants which love sun and are the most hardy, and by hardy I of course mean hard to kill lol. Thankfully this spring brought LOTS of rain and everything I have planted is so far thriving, but as we all know the true test is the Texas summer. The first official day of summer is this Sunday, but today hit 94 degrees. Yikes!

If you have any great gardening advice for beginners, feel free to pass it along. I have a feeling I will need all the help I can get. Wish me luck!

Triumph #1: These Daylilies I replanted into this pot because they had outgrown the tiny patch of earth they had been planted in. I truly thought I had killed them until suddenly they were sprouting blooms like crazy! (Thank you rain!) I can’t deny I did a little happy dance when I saw these beauties!

I went outside to take photos of my Daylilies and my boys actually started POSING for me! These are the same boys I normally have to bribe to sit for photos for me. Sometimes they do things just to make me smile. I am so blessed.

Bit of a hodge podge of pretties I know, but it’s mine. 🙂

June 19, 2021

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