Welcome to the world Braxton Jean!

My favorite babies are the ones I get to “meet” while still in the womb. Maternity sessions are special because I get the amazing opportunity to learn all about the baby through the mom-to-be. It was clear when I met Jaylinn how much she already loved her baby boy.

One of my favorite things to do for clients who come back for a newborn session after they’ve already done a maternity session is to pick blankets and wraps which match their mom’s dresses they wore previously. Jaylinn wore a gorgeous green that I knew would look fabulous for a baby boy session!


Isn’t she lovely?!


Problem is … I am still, slowly, adding to my collection of blankets and don’t yet have every color. Wraps are a different story. I have almost every color wrap imaginable (plus rainbow!) However, I was so bummed I didn’t have a beautiful green that I almost went out and bought one. Alas, I ran out of time before the session and had to settle for a neutral grey.

When Jaylinn brought little Braxton in for his session her smile lit up my studio! Most moms are too sleep deprived to smile as big as she did. Motherhood definitely agrees with this lovely lady!

Like most clients she had brought a handful of props with her. When she showed me the blanket a beloved family memeber had made for her baby boy and I very nearly broke out in tears of joy, it was the PERFECT shade of green! God was looking out for us.

Braxton was wide awake in the beginning but after a bit of patience (and milk) he eventually settled into a perfect dreamy sleep. His session was one of my favorite ones yet and as you can see from the photos, he is quite a handsome baby. I am one blessed and happy photographer.

Welcome to the world, Braxton Jean, you were a joy to photograph!!


July 10, 2021

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